In today’s digital era it is not enough for a brick n mortar store to just to be present physically. Virtual presence of company or a brand is equally important, virtual presence means to be present on the social media channels and to market or promote your brand or company so that the people present in the social media channels become your customers and you generate more sales with the help of social media. This process is called social media marketing.

Doing business without social media marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.

Why social media marketing for small business?

Roughly around 2.2 billion people around the globe are using social media, and when taking about India there are roughly 120 million users of social media. Looking at this stats it becomes clear that ignoring social media marketing can create a huge impact on your business. Social media marketing can be a great boon for your business if is done in a professional way. Creating pages across all the platforms is easy but how to reach and engage with your targeted audience is a tough task. OctaDigi will offer you professional social media marketing services by which you can generate more leads and increase your sales with the help of social media.

Facebook Marketing

Making your business presence felt online has become extremely important and this is what digital marketing is all about. Social media marketing is one of the important parts of digital marketing. There are various social media channels where a brand can be promoted. Facebook leads all the way. Facebook marketing has become very important and an integral part of many social media campaigns. It is important for small businesses as well as the MNC. Looking for facebook marketing services in Salem, Tamilnadu, India? OctaDigi will be happy to help you with professional facebook marketing which would create brand awareness and would help your small business grow with the power of Facebook Advertising.

Why chose OctaDigi for facebook marketing?

  • To create a facebook page is very easy. But to use this page for professional growth needs some professional help. OctaDigi is best when it comes to offering facebook marketing services.
  • Strategically posting contents and publishing posts which would enhancement engagement levels.
  • Growing the targeted fan base with the help of targeted Facebook marketing which would increase the clicks on your website resulting in lead generation.
  • Publishing relevant content, images and videos keeping the current trend in mind.
  • Analyzing the marketing efforts and track the goals.

When talking about social media marketing one should not miss facebook marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the best photo sharing platforms. The people who use Instagram are the youth, if your business offers products or services which would attract youth then Instagram is highly recommended.  Many MNC and popular brands have started using Instagram for marketing. The power of Instagram marketing should not be ignored and it would be a great channel for marketing if handled professionally.

Why should use Instagram marketing?

  • There are approximately 5.9 million active mobile users of Instagram from India.
  • Photos can go viral and the chances of reach are relatively higher on Instagram.
  • A great platform to develop personal branding which would help your business.

Why choose OctaDigi for Instagram marketing services?

  • We create visually appealing images which increase the engagement and conversion ratio.
  • Optimizing the bio of your images so that maximum numbers of relevant people are reached.
  • Using # tags wisely to increase the visibility.

Instagram marketing can turn out to be a good channel for marketing if it is used effectively. Seeking professional Instagram services in Salem, Tamilnadu, India can help you achieve good results with Instagram.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network online. Facebook works best for B2C business models likewise LinkedIn works best for B2B business models. Being active on LinkedIn can be very useful as the products and services which are offering can be directly noticed by the decision makers of the MNC. This helps in increasing the sales through LinkedIn.  It is a proven fact that LinkedIn works best for the B2B businesses and many business owners are taking full advantage of the platform by taking professional LinkedIn marketing services.

You cannot ignore LinkedIn when your target audiences are professionals.

Why LinkedIn marketing?

  • LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals from across the world are connected.
  • LinkedIn works the best if your business model is B2B.
  • Influencer marketing is effective with the help of LinkedIn.
  • You can interact personally with the industry thought leaders which would allow you to improve the product or services.
  • You can build a professional network that might be helpful for business. This will also create awareness about your brand, product or service across the globe.

Why choose Octadigi for LinkedIn marketing?

  • We create content which would be liked by professionals across the globe.
  • Striking meaningful conversations with the thought leaders so as to improve your business.
  • Creating targeted ad campaign which would reach the desired target group which would result in better conversion.
  • Creating a strong branding

Unlike other social media channels the content should not be clumsy. When talking about LinkedIn marketing the content should meet the standard of the professionals. Creating only such professional content would result in conversion. OctaDigi hold an expertise in creating such contents ad running ad campaigns on LinkedIn which converts. contact us today to get high converting linkedin marketing services. Also take the full advantage of the Instagram marketing service to build a strong brand across the social media platforms.

Twitter Marketing

After facebook another major social media platform which is very useful for branding and marketing is twitter. Twitter is micro-blogging site which means that the message (tweet) should be of maximum 140 characters and should not exceed the limit. Writing a tweet is an art and we at OctaDigi have mastered this art this makes our twitter marketing services in Salem, Tamilnadu, India unique and professional.

Why twitter marketing?

  • Twitter has around 22.2 million users from India.
  • Twitter is the best medium for branding.
  • Connecting with people is easier.
  • Viral marketing is very effective with the help of twitter.
  • Twitter is one of the best platforms for influencer marketing.
  • Twitter is very good at promoting offers which leads to maximization of sales.
  • With the help of twitter we can genuine feedbacks which are helpful in improvising your business.

Why choose OctaDigi for twitter marketing services?

  • Writing optimized tweets that would increase engagement rate.
  • Tweets on daily basis.
  • Identifying your industry influencers and to get connected with them.
  • Optimizing # tags which reaches masses.
  • Replying to your customers and audience i.e. increasing interaction.
  • Running twitter ads which would reach the targeted audience in order to increase the conversion rate.
  • Generating reports with twitter analytics and to measure performances.

We at OctaDigi understand every business, so we compose the tweets that would reach the targeted audience and this would increase the targeted traffic to your website resulting into increased number of leads.

We provide solutions to grow your business

Do you have a great product but less sales? Grow your business substantially through strategic digital marketing with OctaDigi. We professional digital marketing services which would best suit your business. We have some in-house techniques which assures the best results over a period of time.