Search engine marketing is a part of digital marketing. Many confuse SEO with SEM but both are different. Seo is getting results on the search engine through organic way and SEM is getting results on the search page with the help of paid mediums. SEM is one of the important factors of digital marketing because it increases the visibility of the website or the brand.  SEM would also help to enhance the local business. SEM is generally referred as PPC which means pay-per-click campaign.  There are mainly two types of search engine marketing which is widely used-

  • Display ads
  • Search ads.

For SEM Google adwords tool is used to set the target and optimize the keywords which are used in the ads. Managing adwords itself is a very tough task. OctaDigi has Adwords certified professionals who strategically bid and optimize you landing page so that your website is placed on a higher position.  With our search engine marketing services you will get maximum ROI and growth in sales.

SEM is not about driving clicks and traffic to your site, it is about driving the right clicks and traffic to your site.

Why search engine marketing?

  • SEM is one of the inbound marketing technique; this means that your advertisement appears to the person who searches for your related keywords.
  • Showing the ads to the interested person increases your click through rate and there are higher chances of business.

Display ads.

These are the type of ads which are displayed in some other websites which is of the same niche or because of re-marketing technique.

Search ads.

Search ads are the ads which appear on the search engine page results. This is one of the inbound marketing techniques whereby your ad is shown only to those people who have searched for your keyword or related keyword. So when considering search ads the conversion rate is high.

Why OctaDigi for your search engine marketing?

  • OctDigi houses Adwords certified professionals; this certificate is provided by Google itself. So we help you to provide perfect SEM services which would increase your business.
  • OctaDigi will help you in getting the maximum ROI.
  • OctaDigi will help with remarketing campaign.
  • OcatDigi will provide you with analytics reports which helps you to track the performances of the ad campaigns and if needed the current stratergy can be altered to attain better results.

We provide solutions to grow your business

Do you have a great product but less sales? Grow your business substantially through strategic digital marketing with OctaDigi. We professional digital marketing services which would best suit your business. We have some in-house techniques which assures the best results over a period of time.